i like rick warren

I like Rick Warren, and not in the sense of a Facebook “like” – I really just like the guy. I have read the Purpose Driven Life book and it’s very insightful. I’ve also signed up for his daily email devotional and I really love the points of view he has. He always backs things up with scripture, which is what a Christian person is supposed to do.

A while back, I got an email about this relationship study that you can get and I think I’m going to donate and get the study to share with folks at my church. I don’t have any serious relationship problems, but there’s always room for improvement, right?

Somehow I stumbled upon this video a minute ago and I agree with what he says 100%. It matches my views about homosexuality all the way. Take a few minutes and see what you think.

God still speaks


I picked up this new sign for my house a Wisteria’s Gifts in Fayetteville, WV on Friday when my husband and I spent the day ziplining for our 11th wedding anniversary (we had a really great time). When I read what it said, I just about cried it touched me so much. I just had to splurge and by the thing. It fits perfectly by the sliding glass door between the kitchen and dining room.

Recently, our preacher mentioned hearing the voice of God. I have to admit that I hear God talking to me on a regular basis. Just like with anything else, to hear something, you have to be listening for it. I’m not perfect and I don’t listen nearly well enough, but last week, I felt God leading me to go see our neighbors.

They are a  young couple that lost their 24 week old fetus about two weeks ago. The mom had to deliver this still born baby, which they then named and buried. I just had a burden on my heart to go introduce myself (I hadn’t yet met them) and take them dinner or something. Well, before I got to it, God sent them to me.

Yesterday, I was at my in-laws house when the couple showed up bearing a gift for our 3 week old son…a baby outfit. Now, isn’t that the sweetest, most heart-breaking thing you’ve heard lately? Here they are, bringing a baby gift when they just lost their baby (this was the second still born, by the way).

The young lady got to hold our new baby and she seemed so happy to do so. We talked about her two miscarriages and I was getting ready to tell her things are going to be ok when she said, “I know God has a plan for me.” Now, isn’t that something? I did invite them both to church since she said they don’t have a home church at this point.

The Sunday School lesson for this upcoming week is “Victorious Faith: God will strengthen and restore me.” It points out that “When you’re down and out, cliches are the last thing you need. (Hang in there, Roll with the punches, etc.) This lesson really made me thing of this young couple. One of the verses of scripture is “Casting all your cares upon him; for he careth for you.” 1 Peter 5:7.

I’m so thankful to be so blessed, but I have to take time to stop and consider those around me who aren’t. Then, reach out to them.

a new normal

Little Elam is 2 weeks old today and our family is settling into a new normal. Ezra is a great big brother. Yesterday, he shared his building blocks and asked “Can I touch his leg?” It was very sweet. Thankfully, my husband has had 2 weeks off work and still has one more before it’s back to the daily grind. I am off until the week of Labor Day, thankfully. Physically, I feel almost back to my old self again and my stomach is quickly disappearing. I took a 20 minute walk yesterday for the first time since Elam arrived and it felt good. I hope to keep walking a few times a week and incorporate some light strength training as well. Need to get some of this jiggly tightened up!

My garden is producing an abundance of tomatoes and those sunflowers are even more gorgeous. I’m so glad I decided to have a garden and that it’s turned out so well. I have a few zucchini still coming out and there are some butternut squash ripening nicely. I found a watermelon the vine that’s about 2 inches around, so we’ll see if it turns into anything. I found a recipe for crock pot spaghetti sauce I’m going to try with all these tomatoes so they don’t go to waste.

I’m so thankful for the blessings the good Lord has given me. It’s like the song my son has learned to sing…

This is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made
I will rejoice, I will rejoice and be glad in it

Rejoice and be glad today!


Yes, I know that it’s spelled “sunflowers”, but I wanted to incorporate my sons into it as well. I have the most beautiful sunflowers starting to bloom in my garden. At the same time, I have the two most wonderful sons a mother could ask for. Little Elam is now 6 days old, which is hard to believe. He’s the best baby – nurses and sleeps like a charm. He’s starting to wake up a little more each day and it’s nice to see his little eyes taking in the world. Here are some recent shots of my first week off from work on maternity leave…

he’s here!


The newest addition to our family arrived at 6:50 this morning, Sunday, July 20! Our little Elam was 20 inches long and weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces. Thankfully, I went into labor at home around 1:15 am and it progressed quickly. No epidural this time, either. God and my dear husband were with me all the way through. We are all doing well and I’m very thankful for that.

Little E is doing well and his big brother likes him. Hopefully we get to go home tomorrow and spend some quality time as a family. Oh, and this little fella has a head full of dark hair! Ezra was blonde and hardly had any hair and is still “tow headed” to this day. 

More updates and pictures to come soon, I’m sure. 

(about ready) to kill a mockingbird

I didn’t know what a mockingbird sounded like until a few years ago. At that point, I decided I love them. Right now, I’m very annoyed with the one outside my window at night. For the past three nights, it (he, I think) has decided to sing from about 1 until 4 am. It’s driving me batty (pun intended)! It’s cool enough right now that we’ve been sleeping with the windows open, but last night, I had to get up, close all of the windows, and turn on the air conditioning. I couldn’t take it any longer!

My husband heard me up and about and asked me what I was doing. When I told him the bird was driving me nuts, he said, “It’s a sound of nature. You should be able to sleep through it.” I said “Snoring is also natural, but I can’t sleep through your snores, either!” He found that amusing.

I started looking for ways to make it be quiet (besides killing it or screaming at it), and I found this interesting article dated 1987 - “Why the Mockingbird Sings”. You should check it out.

Of course, I’m not going to kill this precious bird. I guess it’s just getting me ready for the newborn and the lack of sleep it will bring. 

Speaking of which, my due date was yesterday and still no baby. Doc says all looks well with both of us, so we’ll go back to the doc on Monday and see what goes. They said they’ll let me go up to 42 weeks before they induce me if all looks well. I really hope it doesn’t come down to that. I want this to be as natural as possible. So, say a little prayer that little baby decides to arrive this weekend or early next week!

nesting? perhaps.

I left work at 1:30 today to come home and take a nap, which I did…for 2 hours! My mom has my son today, so I thought I would take advantage of a little “me” time before this baby gets here. It’s decided to incubate at least till its due date (tomorrow) and I’d been wanting to bake up some zucchini bread since the garden is being generous.

First, I made a blackberry peach cobbler that I’d made last year. Then, I made a double batch of zucchini bread. Next, I cleaned up the house and lastly, finished packing my hospital bag. I’m getting ready to light into dinner for my husband and me. I hope he’s as tickled as I am when he gets home to a clean house and the smell of fresh baked goodies! I think this might be my sudden burst of energy that folks talk about before you go into labor. Who the heck knows? I thought I’d have this baby by now! :)

I had forgotten about something my son said this morning. He got up early (around 5:45 am) and came to get in bed with me (his daddy was already gone to work). He had been laying there a few minutes when he took out his paci (still trying to kick that habit) and said “I like you.” Now, doesn’t that mean the world to a mommy? It sure did to me.

Enjoy some photos of what I was up to this evening and a visit to a friend’s house the other day.