Claytor Lake Triathlon Photos

Blew out my flip flop

Thanks to A Moment in Time Photography for taking photos at the Claytor Lake Triathlon a couple weeks ago. Here are the ones I found of myself. I raced the dude to the finish line…and won! My time was 1 hour and 33 minutes, a personal record for me. Maybe I can do TWO races next year!

We are Witnesses

Well, duh! They should post this at every home improvement store.

On my drive home yesterday, I caught a sermon on the radio where the preacher was talking about how we are witnesses once we become children of God. He said we don’t mail to heaven asking for our witness card, it just comes automatically once we accept Christ. Now, here’s the tricky part – you can be a witness for good (Christ) or for bad (the world). I truly believe what he’s saying is right.

I’ve been a Christian for many years and I can’t say that my witness has always been pleasing to the Lord. However, I feel within the past 6 months or so, my witness is more true and strong than ever before, and I have a desire to live for Him rather than the world. It’s still hard for me to “witness” to people, but that’s a skill that takes a lot of practice.

Just yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend in which I hoped to have an opportunity to share the good news about how God is working in my life and how happy I am. After a 2 hour back and forth, I still didn’t get to share this information with her. I left a little disappointed, but I knew God had a plan and I just prayed for my friend. She ended up calling me and trying to leave a voicemail, but it cut her off and she called back. I got to answer the phone the second time she called and she apologized to me for having a potty mouth and said she felt guilty after she listened to my voicemail greeting (about Thrive and having a blessed day). BINGO! God knew what he was doing all the time! It was a small seed, but a seed nonetheless.

I’m reading First Place 4 health “Motivated to Wellness” book and some of today’s scripture was from John 15 (versus 1-8) which I find interesting, because this was just mentioned at Bible study at church 2 weeks ago. Anyway, the commentary says “Being blameless does not mean that you are perfect. It means that you are mature and balanced. When you’re “set apart,” you are balanced between spirit, soul and body and have a consistent sense of integrity. You have a spirit set after God’s spirit, and you demonstrate self-control and respect for your body, the temple of God.” That text really spoke to me and these words jump off the page: MATURE, BALANCED, INTEGRITY, SELF-CONTROL

Let’s all strive to be “set apart” for God in our everyday lives.

Ever So Grateful

June 2012 sunset on our hillside

[I started this post Thursday evening and was interrupted by my 3 year old getting out of bed with a fever. This is the first chance I’ve had to get back to it!]

Eight lovely ladies showed up to my first recurring Thrive group exercise session at Galax PH Church this evening. I had told myself to be happy if only three, but God gave me EIGHT! What a blessing! Then, I came home to two happy, bathed, and fed little boys. Mom kept them today and made supper for us, washed our clothes, and more.

I just can’t get over how truly blessed I am. I know, I know – I post it a lot on Facebook and in my blog, but I am just amazed at how well God takes care of me and my family.

Now, it’s Monday and Ezra (the 3 year old) is over the stomach bug, but he generously passed it along to his younger brother, so it’s been a weekend of cuddling and soothing. That’s what moms are for, right? 🙂 I’m happy I can do it and be home from work with the boys. I just pray that no one else in the house gets it!

I didn’t get to spend much time reading my Bible this weekend, so I took some time this morning and caught up a bit. It was nice to read and touch base with my Dad (the heavenly one). In the past, I haven’t desired to read as much as I have over the past 6 months or so. The more I read, the more I want to read.

A lot is going on with Thrive, and if you’ve missed the current events, here’s what you need to know!

  • The later part of this week is busy! You can catch Thrive Strength & Cardio at Galax PH Church at 5:45 pm on Thursday. We’ll have about a 35 minute workout using resistance bands. Just $5 per person, youth under 15 free with paying adult. Please bring your own exercise mat, but I have resistance bands you can use.
  • Friday is BodyPump at the Carroll Wellness Center at noon. We’re now on 95, which is hard, but it’s so good for your body!
  • Saturday morning at 8:30 I will be helping Yvette Ladd celebrate her grand opening at Wellness Pursuits in Gladesboro, VA with a complimentary Thrive Strength & Cardio session. She’s going to let me come back the following Saturday, October 3 and teach again!
  • Be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday, October 17. My husband and I are putting on a Flag Football Tournament and Family Fun Day at Woodlawn School. All proceeds will benefit Thrive Wellness Ministries and there will be activities for the entire family!

I just realized THIS Friday is the last one of the month. I can’t believe September is practically gone. I pray that you have a blessed week!


Gettin’ Ready to Get Real

I know God is getting ready to do something big in my life. He’s talking to me and telling me things that make me excited and nervous at the same time. All my life I have wanted to do something BIG – not be famous, but to make an impact in the lives of others, and the time is coming. Will it be big to everyone? Probably not, but I feel it will affect those in my life in a positive way. I really don’t know WHAT is going to happen yet, but it’s all building up.

I’ve wanted to blog for weeks now, but it seems like time gets away and other things fall into the way. So much has been on my mind about Thrive and my walk with God and He’s given me the opportunity to finally get it out there this morning.

First of all, I’ve been praying for something to happen in the life of someone I love, and I think it’s finally starting. Over the years, I’ve let the situation frustrate me, but I’ve come to the face the fact that I can’t change this person, only God can. So, prayers are being answered and I’m so thankful!

I’m also praying about my life and that God will guide my paths. The hard part is listening to what he tells me to do. I really keep thinking of the story of Noah and the ark. I’m so grateful that He hasn’t asked me to build and ark, because even the small things He asks me to surrender control of are hard to obey. I’m trying to teach my 3 year old son obedience and I have to be obedient myself. Life lessons!

At this point in my life, I feel more compassionate about people than I ever have. In the past, I’ve been quick to judge and at times, fast to gossip. Obviously, these are not good Christian character traits. However, I’m starting to give people the benefit of the doubt because we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of the Lord, right? I feel like I want to serve people now. My life used to be about what Mandy wanted to do, but now it’s “What can I do for you, Lord?” I really, truly, from the bottom of my heart want to show people His love and that this life is only temporary. We have hope in tomorrow and eternity when we believe in Him.

With all that being said, here are some things I want to share. Please keep Thrive and me in your prayers, praying specifically that I will follow His calling on my life. I would love to read your comments on Facebook and here on the blog. (And thank you in advance!)

  • If you’re not busy Saturday, please make plans to come out to JoyFest at Joy Ranch. Mom and I made a quilt (she did 90% of the work) for the auction they have starting at noon to raise funds for their home for children. There are more festivities after that –
  • At the last seminar at Galax PH Church, the ladies decided they want to have me back on a weekly basis, so keep your eyes peeled for that exciting venture! I hope to start next week or the following with the 30 minute Thrive exercise session on Tuesday or Thursday around 6 pm each week.
  • If you’ve not yet signed up to receive my Thrive emails, please do on my website. Check out the top of the Contact Us or Events pages and just enter your email address.
  • Yvette Ladd with Wellness Pursuits has invited me to teach Thrive at her grand opening the last week in September. She has all kinds of neat happenings that weekend, so please check it out at
  • Remember you can support Thrive in various ways…Pray, Share, or Give.
    • Pray for the ministry, that God will open doors so I can spread the love of Jesus to people in need.
    • Share with your friends on Facebook, via email, or word of mouth.  Come to my events and classes!
    • Give financially if you feel led. I’m going to have a new t-shirt design for anyone who gives a donation of $40 or more.
The back of my new t-shirts (coming soon)!

The back of my new t-shirts (coming soon)!

Remember 1  Corinthians 6:19-20…God wants us to take care of His temple. Have a happy, healthy, and blessed day!