Peonies have to be my favorite flower. I love their delicate, paper thin petals and their sweet, soft fragrance. I have one growing at the end of our driveway, but it only has two blossoms. Across the road, there is an abandon house where I pick their peonies. Today, my son and I picked a few and put them in a pint jar on our table. The ants like them, too. We ended up with a few ants in the house, but who cares?!


Here’s some other random happenings here recently…

  • My husband and I sat on our porch until after 10 pm last night just talking and watching the sun go down. The lightning bugs came out for a show and the whiporwill sang her unmistakable melody.
  • Made a cake called “Preacher’s Delight” today. I’ve been craving pineapple and coconut (no, I’m not pregnant), and I found this recipe. Oh, my. It hit the spot and is SO good! I used coconut cake mix instead of white and I mixed crushed pineapple into the cool whip. I think next time, I may use pineapple cake mix. I’ve not been eating sweets during the week, but I’m allowing myself sweets on the weekend. Trying to lose a couple of pounds before my triathlon in a few weeks as well as show sugar I’m boss!
  • I shaved 5 seconds off my 100 yard freestyle time! I had timed myself a month ago and then timed myself again this week and I’m 5 seconds faster than before. This 9 week tri training program is working well! Lots of intervals, but it’s making me stronger and faster, I can tell. Only 3 weeks till the triathlon. I have to do some bricks in the next two weeks to get my legs ready.
  • My 16 month old son ate broccoli and LIKED IT! I got him on video eating, smiling, and yumming so I can convince him later on down the road that he DOES like broccoli.
  • Oh, and I took a bath with my son and a peony today. He had picked one and decided to take it to the bath tub. It held up really well!

Well, that’s enough for today. I’m going to finish this evening sitting here on my porch, watching the cat eat and listening to the birds as they wind down for the night.

happenin’ week

Beautiful congratulatory flowers from my sister

Beautiful congratulatory flowers from my sister

It seems this has been an eventful week in my world. Here’s the quick run down…

  • Our nephew Miles was born on Monday. A big boy weighing 8 lbs, 14 oz.
  • I passed my personal training exam on Monday, too! I’m now certified through the American Council on Exercise to help folks get into shape. It was a very hard test, but I passed it! Yippee!
  • My sister sent me flowers for passing my test. Wasn’t that sweet?
  • I ended up with some type of stomach bug that really made me feel terrible most of the day yesterday, but I woke up feeling like my normal self again this morning, thank goodness. While I was sick, I thought of those poor folks who have to undergo chemotherapy treatments and those women who end up so sick while they are pregnant (I never felt sick the entire time I was pregnant with my son). It made me VERY thankful for my good health.
  • This morning, I heard a whiporwill when I came out to go to work (before 6 am). I LOVE their music and I was tickled when I heard it, because it seems they are few and far between.
  • My son started saying “belly button” this week, too. He had his 15 month checkup today and is in the 90th percentile for his height. I reckon he’s going to be tall like his grandpas.

Well, that pretty much sums it up for this week so far. To be Wednesday evening, it seems like a lot has been going on. Looks like the rest of the week is setting up to be nice and busy, too. Hope yours is a good one!

the past remembered

Friday evening, there was a terrible wind storm at our house that really did terrify me. It would have been scary a year ago, but it was even more disturbing now that we have this little life in our hands. After I realized we were going to live through the storm (I was really worried!), it made me appreciate the small things even more.

The power went off and yes, it was hot and aggravating. But, at the same time, it allowed me to have experiences I would have missed if the power was on. First of all, we finally made it to the creek and took our son for the first time. We probably would have talked ourselves into staying in the air conditioning if the power was on. But, we made our way down the creek and took advantage of nature’s air conditioning – the cold water and shade!

Last night, I got to sit out on my dad’s porch and hear him reminisce about how his great grandfather worked the piece of land his house is on and how he played there when we were a kid, just as I did when I was growing up. He’s so excited that Ezra will get to play on the same plot of land. Five generations and that piece of land is still in our family.

One of the best parts was the whippoorwill… I was just telling my husband the other evening how I hadn’t heard one in forever and dad has them all around his house. It’s one of the best sounds ever. After that, we saw a very white skunk in his back yard, too.

When I was a young teenager, we lived in a house with no running water for about 18 months or so. I’ll let you use your imagination, but times weren’t that hard and we really appreciated our running water when we finally got it back in our new home. Ever since then, I feel like I look at situations like that a bit differently. I’m glad my parents let me experience life like that. Maybe I’m crazy, but I feel more well rounded for it.

I started reading a book the other day called “Hope is Contagious” and it really is. It asks if you’re going to be the person grumbling all the time or if you’re going to be the one trying to find the bright side. I’m not perfect and I never will be, but I sure I hope to see the bright side more often than the dark. What about you?