Claytor Lake Triathlon Photos

Blew out my flip flop

Thanks to A Moment in Time Photography for taking photos at the Claytor Lake Triathlon a couple weeks ago. Here are the ones I found of myself. I raced the dude to the finish line…and won! My time was 1 hour and 33 minutes, a personal record for me. Maybe I can do TWO races next year!

Walk/Jog/Run…BIKE Club – August 13 @ Noon

I loved the New River Trail last week, so we’ll meet there again this week. Anyone who wants to come at noon for a short prayer and then we’ll take off to walk/jog/run or BIKE if you like. This week, I am going to bike hard 30 minutes, then jog 15 minutes immediately following (this is called a “brick” in the triathlon training world). BUT, you do what is best for you!

There is no cost for this, but there is a $4 parking fee for the State Park access. Just bring something to drink and think of your goal before you arrive so you know what you want to do for the day!


Time to Train for a Tri!

I just registered for the Claytor Lake Sprint Triathlon that will be held September 12, 2015. It’s a half mile swim, 12.5 mile bike, and a 5k trail run. I have work to do!

My favorite resource for triathlons is “The Woman Triathlete” book. I need to get it out and make my plan for training. I have about 6 weeks till race day and my base fitness is good, but I need to work on intervals on my run and swim. The book has great workouts. I am going to pencil in my workouts on my calendar or I know I will not get to them.

I blogged on my personal blog a while back about Triathlon FAQs. Check it out if you have a minute. 🙂

oh, blog, how i’ve missed you!

I have missed blogging so much (among other things). My life is moving is warp speed, which I’m sure is the case for most of you. Since November, I’ve been Acting Director at the fitness facility where I work. It’s been challenging, both professionally and personally. The holidays were good and I tried to separate work from home life, but I did find myself thinking about work too much while at home.

My boys are growing up so quickly and they seem to change daily. The oldest will be 3 at the end of the month and the baby will be 6 months in a couple of weeks as well. They’ll be 18 before I can blink, I’m sure. I really am trying to enjoy every minute with them. Don’t get me wrong, there are moments that are trying when your two year old screams, “No, mommy!” when you try to tell him something to do, but thankfully those moments are fewer than the good ones.

I did manage to set some 2015 goals for myself a week or so ago. If I don’t get them down on paper and in my face this month, they aren’t going to happen. This is what I have on tap for me this year:

  • Spend time studying and applying what I learn about the Fruit of The Spirit
  • Take each aerobics class offered at our wellness facility in order to better help members and guests
  • Spend more quality time with my husband, kids, and extended family
  • Compete in one sprint and one international triathlon (I missed last year since I was pregnant)
  • Get back to meal planning and cooking
  • Reduce the sugar in my toddler’s diet
  • Expand our vegetable garden and can/freeze some produce at harvest

I looked back over my 2014 goals and I’m happy to report I met most of them! These are the ones I missed…

  • Help lead one person to Christ – No one came to me and said they were saved because of anything I said or did this year, but I hope I’ve witnessed more. I feel like I have been more comfortable in that over the past year.
  • Perform at least one pull up – I give up on that one. I don’t think I’ll ever do that.
  • Potty train our son – They say that happens on the kid’s own time. I have to add that back to the 2015 list because it has to happen this year or BUST!

What’s goals have you set for yourself this year? I hope to make it back to blog before February…at least by Groundhog Day!

i just felt like running


We all remember the line from Forrest Gump where he said he just felt like running. Well, all of a sudden, I do too! I haven’t ran any distance really since September, but I feel like trying to run a 5k in February.

Now, when I say “run”, that is really a “jog” in most people’s standards. I’m a slow 5k gal. I think my fastest time was 27:30 and my slowest was probably 32 minutes, so I’m not that quick. The messed up part is that I can run a 5k during a triathlon (keep in mind that’s the LAST part of the race) just as fast as I can run a 5k all by itself. I think I’m stuck on one speed.

Anyway, here lately, I’ve been throwing some jogging in my workouts here and there and it feels pretty good. I actually have a baby bump now (photo coming soon!) and I know it’s going to grow pretty quickly, so I don’t want to plan too far out. I’m hoping I can find a local race in February on a pretty day. I can jog/walk it, but I just feel like being part of a competitive event. I guess I know that I won’t be doing any triathlons this year and by the time I recover from having this second baby, most racing seasons are over. However, I could look toward some cyclocross if I recover quickly. But, then you throw in another child and when is a mama gonna have time?

Who knows what I will be doing in the fall, but for now, I’m feeling ambitious and think I’ll see what I can find close by on a warm, February day (ha ha).

wednesday workout & swimming

We worked hard in my 6:15 morning class today. I had my folks warm up walking around the gym while I set up this circuit:

  • balance disk squats
  • resisted crunches on stability ball
  • BOSU crossovers
  • body bar front row
  • kettlebell squat thrust
  • seated row with resistance band
  • ladder agility drill
  • bicep curls with band
  • Russian twists with medicine ball
  • dumbbell triceps extensions

We did 90 seconds each the first round, then 60 seconds the second round. They were troopers! It’s a hard little workout if you put your best foot forward.

I won’t be teaching this class for the next three weeks since I’ll be taking a lifeguard instructor course. In a way, I’m sad, but in a way, I’m looking forward to the break. I have to get up at 5:15 on Wednesdays, but I won’t have to for a while. It’s nice not having to go out in the freezing cold dark! Hopefully, by the first week of December, I’ll be certified by the American Red Cross as a Lifeguard Instructor. That will make me even more valuable, eh?!

My son splashing in his kiddie pool this summer. He's gonna learn how to swim at a young age!

My son splashing in his kiddie pool this summer. He’s gonna learn how to swim at a young age!

I also had a swim lesson with a lady this morning. She’s probably in her 60’s and wanted to learn how to swim with her face in the water. We started out with basic flutter kicking, then progressed to blowing bubbles in the water, some side kicking, and then a catch up pull & kick with the board. She didn’t have goggles, so it was hard to get her whole face in the water, but she’s getting there.

Before she and I had our lesson, I swam 20 laps. I’m so glad I can easily swim! Now, I’ve been at it for over 9 years and I’ve had lots of practice, but I’m so glad it’s a skill I have gained. I started swimming when my friend asked me to do a triathlon with her. Neither of us had ever done one, so I started practicing swimming on my own. Thankfully, the lifeguard at that time put me in my place by telling me I wasn’t going to swim a triathlon very well if I couldn’t swim with my face in the water. He gave me some pointers and lent me some DVDs to watch (this was before youtube was popular). It wasn’t an easy thing to learn, but I’m so glad I did. I really feel good when I can teach folks how to swim. Not only could it save their life at some point, but it also gives them a new way to stay healthy and fit.

It’s pretty cold outside and I think my husband wants to get into something after I get off work today. I think I’m going to call the bowling alleys to see if any are open so we can go bowl with our son this evening. I love to bowl when it’s cold outside! It’s just something I feel guilty doing if it’s sunny or warm out because I should be outside playing.

What are your favorite indoor cold weather activities? Especially ones that involve toddlers…

Me bowling at my 31st birthday party back in March. Fun times!

Me bowling at my 31st birthday party back in March. Fun times!

hiit & christmas time!

Ok, so high intensity interval training (HIIT) and Christmas don’t really have that much in common…or do they? You could kick your own butt doing high intensity intervals and stay lean and mean during the holidays (which is what I plan to do). But, my original intention of this post was to shout “hooray” for HIIT! I’ve been trying to do this pretty regularly for a few weeks now and it’s paying off. Just today, I had two women remark on how good I look. Now, I’m not a fitness model by any stretch, but I can tell a difference in my body.

Up through September, I had been doing mostly cardio workouts while training for triathlons – I just don’t have enough time to do both strength training and cardio (even though I work at a gym, I’m the mom of a toddler). I got burned out on swimming, biking, and running and I haven’t run any distance since my last tri in mid-September (I know, shame on me). So, I thought I would change it up and do some different workouts. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, here are some ideas for you:



Speaking of working at a gym, today is my FIRST anniversary at this job! I’m so happy they’ve decided to keep me this long. 🙂

On another note, I started listening to Christmas music a minute ago…it’s probably all I’ll listen to on Pandora from now until the first of the year. I love it!!! I’m so psyched about all the different Christmas happenings coming up. I saw this Billy Graham Library thing that I’m begging my husband to take me and our son to. One year, my husband and I ran a 5K that started on the strike of New Year through Christmas lights. It was so cool!

The finish line photo from that New Year 5K my husband and I ran years ago.

The finish line photo from that New Year 5K my husband and I ran years ago.

What gets YOU excited about the holidays?!