getting ready for cyclocross

A few years ago, I competed in a couple of cyclocross races. Let me tell you, it’s mostly a man’s event. I was one of maybe three women that competed those days (two Saturdays in October), but I won the coolest trophies! They were hand made things and I was so proud. If you’ve never done cyclocross, it’s very intense. The course is normally made up of grass, mud, gravel, and you have to jump off your bike and take it over small obstacles. There was even a part that went through the woods. You go around as many times as you can in 30 or 45 minutes (depending on how much pain you want). I honestly think that short amount of time is harder than an entire triathlon.

I started digging around trying to find out if they are doing those races again this year and they are going to do a one day race as part of a big outdoor festival. I’m excited! I can’t say I’ve trained, but I have several weeks to practice (which will probably consist of riding my bike through the field a couple of times). My husband even says he’s going to do it! I think the whole festival will be fun.

Here are some pictures a guy took of me back in 2010 – I look like such a goof ball! The entire collection can be found at!i=1061954322&k=X7RxtD5




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