i just felt like running


We all remember the line from Forrest Gump where he said he just felt like running. Well, all of a sudden, I do too! I haven’t ran any distance really since September, but I feel like trying to run a 5k in February.

Now, when I say “run”, that is really a “jog” in most people’s standards. I’m a slow 5k gal. I think my fastest time was 27:30 and my slowest was probably 32 minutes, so I’m not that quick. The messed up part is that I can run a 5k during a triathlon (keep in mind that’s the LAST part of the race) just as fast as I can run a 5k all by itself. I think I’m stuck on one speed.

Anyway, here lately, I’ve been throwing some jogging in my workouts here and there and it feels pretty good. I actually have a baby bump now (photo coming soon!) and I know it’s going to grow pretty quickly, so I don’t want to plan too far out. I’m hoping I can find a local race in February on a pretty day. I can jog/walk it, but I just feel like being part of a competitive event. I guess I know that I won’t be doing any triathlons this year and by the time I recover from having this second baby, most racing seasons are over. However, I could look toward some cyclocross if I recover quickly. But, then you throw in another child and when is a mama gonna have time?

Who knows what I will be doing in the fall, but for now, I’m feeling ambitious and think I’ll see what I can find close by on a warm, February day (ha ha).



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