oh, blog, how i’ve missed you!

I have missed blogging so much (among other things). My life is moving is warp speed, which I’m sure is the case for most of you. Since November, I’ve been Acting Director at the fitness facility where I work. It’s been challenging, both professionally and personally. The holidays were good and I tried to separate work from home life, but I did find myself thinking about work too much while at home.

My boys are growing up so quickly and they seem to change daily. The oldest will be 3 at the end of the month and the baby will be 6 months in a couple of weeks as well. They’ll be 18 before I can blink, I’m sure. I really am trying to enjoy every minute with them. Don’t get me wrong, there are moments that are trying when your two year old screams, “No, mommy!” when you try to tell him something to do, but thankfully those moments are fewer than the good ones.

I did manage to set some 2015 goals for myself a week or so ago. If I don’t get them down on paper and in my face this month, they aren’t going to happen. This is what I have on tap for me this year:

  • Spend time studying and applying what I learn about the Fruit of The Spirit
  • Take each aerobics class offered at our wellness facility in order to better help members and guests
  • Spend more quality time with my husband, kids, and extended family
  • Compete in one sprint and one international triathlon (I missed last year since I was pregnant)
  • Get back to meal planning and cooking
  • Reduce the sugar in my toddler’s diet
  • Expand our vegetable garden and can/freeze some produce at harvest

I looked back over my 2014 goals and I’m happy to report I met most of them! These are the ones I missed…

  • Help lead one person to Christ – No one came to me and said they were saved because of anything I said or did this year, but I hope I’ve witnessed more. I feel like I have been more comfortable in that over the past year.
  • Perform at least one pull up – I give up on that one. I don’t think I’ll ever do that.
  • Potty train our son – They say that happens on the kid’s own time. I have to add that back to the 2015 list because it has to happen this year or BUST!

What’s goals have you set for yourself this year? I hope to make it back to blog before February…at least by Groundhog Day!

blogger’s block

It’s amazing how you can have so many darn ideas flying around in your head and not be able to verbalize a single one of them. That’s what I’m experiencing – blogger’s block (am I the first to use that term? It would be really cool if so!).

Some of the crazy things I’ve been wanting to blog about include (but are not limited to):

I’ve been contemplating carrying around a notebook to jot down my ideas and thoughts. You’d think I would use this “smart phone” as a notepad, but that would be too easy. When on the go, I’m more of a pen & paper kind of gal.


This is the gadget that I’m sure is really neat if I would only try it out!

Speaking of pen & paper, I have a serious case of buyer’s remorse. Over a month ago, I got these neat contraption called an apen – it records what you write and converts it to type. The great part is that I haven’t used it at all…nope, not even once. How pathetic. OH, that was another one of my ideas to blog about – how I was addicted to those daily deal sites, but then I had to get a new computer and my home pages weren’t saved, so now I don’t see them every day so I’m not spending so much money on stuff I don’t need. That was almost a run on sentence.

SO…now, what to blog about? I think I’ll pick the irony about the lady I used to know.