blogger’s block

It’s amazing how you can have so many darn ideas flying around in your head and not be able to verbalize a single one of them. That’s what I’m experiencing – blogger’s block (am I the first to use that term? It would be really cool if so!).

Some of the crazy things I’ve been wanting to blog about include (but are not limited to):

I’ve been contemplating carrying around a notebook to jot down my ideas and thoughts. You’d think I would use this “smart phone” as a notepad, but that would be too easy. When on the go, I’m more of a pen & paper kind of gal.

This is the gadget that I’m sure is really neat if I would only try it out!

Speaking of pen & paper, I have a serious case of buyer’s remorse. Over a month ago, I got these neat contraption called an apen – it records what you write and converts it to type. The great part is that I haven’t used it at all…nope, not even once. How pathetic. OH, that was another one of my ideas to blog about – how I was addicted to those daily deal sites, but then I had to get a new computer and my home pages weren’t saved, so now I don’t see them every day so I’m not spending so much money on stuff I don’t need. That was almost a run on sentence.

SO…now, what to blog about? I think I’ll pick the irony about the lady I used to know.


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