3.6 miles in 34 minutes

Four showed up for the walk/jog/run club meeting today – me, myself, and I plus the Holy Spirit. I’m so funny! 🙂 Since I had some time to myself, I set my goal to jog continuously for 33 minutes around the paved loop at Felt’s Park. The first few laps were hard, then lap 5 was harder. But lap 6 turned out pretty good and I actually went faster than the previous laps. At the end of the jog, I saw a man walking and he said the loop is .6 miles, so I ended up doing 3.6 miles in 34 minutes. Yep, I jogged one more minute than my goal. The overcast 68 degree weather played into my favor, I’m sure. I think that put me at about a 9:30 minute mile, which I’m happy with. I haven’t jogged consistently in a long time, but I think working out with BodyPump and Thrive are helping me…plus, a little determination and the good Lord is on my side!

I had planned to share this devotional by Max Lucado, so please take a minute and read it.

What’s your goal for the day? Have you met it?


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