Thrive Strength & Cardio Sneak Peek

I am SO excited to be teaching my very first Thrive Strength & Cardio tomorrow at noon at Carroll Wellness Center! I’ve created a playlist of some great tunes (see below) and choreographed a workout with strength and cardio moves. We’ll even get some core work, too. Come out and join me to see what the buzz is all about!

  • Song 1: This is The Day, Laura Story (3:46) – Warm Up, Light Strength
  • Song 2: Greater, Mercy Me (4:08) – Cardio
  • Song 3: Overwhelmed, Big Daddy Weave (5:30) – Strength
  • Song 4: Beautiful Day, Jamie Grace (3:11) – Cardio
  • Song 5: I’m Letting Go, Francesca Battistelli (2:54) – Strength
  • Song 6: Day One, Matthew West (3:30) – Cardio
  • Song 7:  He Knows My Name, Francesca Battistelli (3:28) – Core
  • Song 8: Holy Spirit, Fran Bat (5:03) – Cool Down



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