i’m ready

A month ago, I was hoping for more time before baby arrived, but now I feel ready. Am I looking forward the pain of natural childbirth? Not particularly, but I’ve done it once before and I know I can do it again. I just hope it’s a wee bit quicker this time (versus the 12+ hours last time…3 of which were pushing). Anyway, I’m ready to introduce this baby into our family and start the recovery process of feeling like “my old self” again. When you think about it, though, you’re never the same as you were before a child enters the world. Your life changes completely.

I believe husband and son are ready, too. Ezra taps my belly and says, “Good morning, baby.” We asks if it’s a boy or girl and he says “Boy.” We’ll see soon enough. Mike is ready, too. I think these last days of wondering exactly when and how it will happen drive him nuts.

It’s funny how people look at pregnant woman and think that A) she should be miserable, B) she should be exhausted, and C) she’s handicapped. I honestly feel just as capable or MORE capable than some regular folks. I read this article from Real Simple magazine about a mom and she mentioned during her pregnancy how helpless she felt when she dropped her keys on the sidewalk and she couldn’t bend down to pick them up. She had to wait until a stranger came by to pick them up for her. Really?! It was her first pregnancy, but still.

I have to admit that I will miss this little person rolling around in my belly. If all goes as planned, I will never have this feeling again and I remember missing it after Ezra was born. There’s something so special between mom and baby that no one else will ever experience with that child.

Who knows when this baby will arrive…not due until July 17, but the full moon is Saturday the 12th and folks seem to think that’s when babies are born. Only time will tell!

Mike, Ezra, and me on the boat Thursday with my dad.

Mike, Ezra, and me on the boat Thursday with my dad.

Oh, and one more thing! Mike and I set a goal to read one chapter in Proverbs together each night as our Sunday school lesson instructed last week. So far, so good. We read chapter 7 tonight, so we’re on track. I figure we’ll miss a few days when the baby arrives, but hopefully we won’t get too far behind.


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