17 pounds in 27 weeks

As far as I can tell, I’ve gained about 17 pounds in my 27 weeks of pregnancy (soon to be 28 weeks). I’m pretty happy with that. My goal was to keep it 25 or less for the entire pregnancy, but I’m going to allow myself up to 30 pounds. Last time, I gained 40-45, which pushed me over 200 pounds and I think that was a little too much. My goal is to keep it under 185 this time around and hopefully I can get back to 150 or less by the end of the year.

But, I’m not hung up on the weight part…I’m eating well and working out hard (but not too hard). A friend sent me a link to a story about folks giving this woman (a personal trainer) a hard time about working out during pregnancy. I’ve had so many people say, “I thought you weren’t supposed to exercise during pregnancy.” which is a total misconception. If you’ve been working out before you got pregnant, most doctor’s say to keep going with what you were doing, unless you just can’t keep a conversation while you’re doing it. Disclaimer: pregnant ladies, consult your doctors! Thankfully, most folks I’ve come in contact with are very encouraging and make me feel like Wonder Woman. They say things like, “I can’t believe your teaching this class as pregnant as you are! You kick my butt!” It makes me feel really good. I’ve had people tell me the baby is going to come out holding a barbell and that makes me laugh.

I’m still teaching spin class on Tuesday morning, then my morning mix class on Wednesday morning, and BodyPump on Thursday morning. That leaves me Friday to swim and I normally take it easy on the weekends, just chasing the 2 year old around. I like to get outside and take walks when I can, so I’m active most days of the week. I really need to start integrating more yoga now that my belly is growing. I have two great DVDs that allow me to do that at home in just 30 minutes, which really helps. One thing I am missing is riding my bike…normally by now, I’d be riding a lot on the local trail and on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but I don’t trust myself not to wreck. So, I guess that will wait until September/October if all goes well.

During my first pregnancy, I found that I really liked yoga. Before that, I thought it was for sissies. But, it really helped me become more flexible and I feel it helped me prepare for natural child birth (I decided not to have an epidural).

I had my one hour glucose test for gestational diabetes on Monday and they said they would only call if it came back abnormal – it’s now Wednesday and I’ve not heard anything, so I hope I’m in the clear. I had the condition during my first pregnancy, but was able to control it with diet and exercise, but monitoring blood sugar levels is not convenient or fun. I’m hoping all this working out and eating better make a positive difference!

Speaking of weight, I’m hungry! Won’t be long before I can dig into my lunch – a good, healthy salad.  My biggest weakness has been sweets, which is a constant battle for me. So, I’ve given in to having ice cream/gelato almost on a daily basis. But, I keep the servings small and enjoy them instead of wolfing them down.


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