resurrected savior

I had set my alarm for for 5:15 am, but the cat woke me up at 4:15, so I thought I would get up and start the day. Maybe it was God that woke me up so I could read in my Sunday School lesson and not feel rushed.

Easter is this Sunday…in a way, it’s bigger than Christmas to Christians. It was great that Jesus was born, but if He never came back from the dead, then what would be our testimony? Part of this morning’s reading helped describe it really well to me:

“The establishment and spread of Christianity makes sense only on the basis of Jesus’ resurrection. Other self-proclaimed messiahs had their fledgling movements dry up with their deaths. Why did the Christian movement flourish following Jesus’ death? N.T. Wright, a scholar who has written extensively about the resurrection, contended:

If nothing happened to the body of Jesus,…I cannot see why anyone would have continued to belong to his movement and to regard him as its Messiah. There were several other Messianic or quasi-Messianic movements within a hundred years either side of Jesus. They ended with the leader’s being killed by the authorities or by a rival group. If your Messiah is killed, you conclude he was not the Messiah. Some of those movements continued to exist; where they did, they took a new leader from the same family. (But note: Nobody ever said James, the brother of Jesus, was the Messiah.) Such groups did not go around saying their Messiah had been raised from the dead.”

No one ever found the body of Jesus after He rose on the third day. What does that say?

This week, remember that “Jesus is the reason for the season” just like at Christmas. It’s just like Santa is the focus of Christmas and the Easter bunny is the focus of Easter. Focus on God, and reflect on what He did for us.

By the way, don’t be a CEO Christian…a “Christmas and Easter Only” churchgoer. I heard a preacher say something about that the other day and it was amusing to me.

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