two year old sayings

My two year (26 month) old is really talking a lot now. No surprise, since his mom doesn’t know how to be quiet! I’m constantly amused and amazed by some of the things he comes up with, so I thought I would share some of my favorites.

  • “How about…” – He’s saying this now and he’ll repeat it. Normally, it goes something like this… “How about, how about, how about…green?” It’s so very cute.
  • “Purty please.” I taught him that one to build on “please” and he uses it when he’s desperate for a Popsicle or to go outside and we are saying no. What he doesn’t understand is that just because he says that doesn’t mean he’s going to get his way that time.
  • “Can’t see nuffin.” When he’s playing in the “tent” under our bed covers, he’ll say that.
  • “Daddy go?” and “Monkey go?” and “Paci go?”. Anytime he wonders where something went, it’s the simple phrase that asks.
  • “Look, ganny!” There for a while, everytime he wanted you to look at something, it was “Look, ganny!” which is “granny”. I had to explain that I will look, but I’m not granny, I’m mommy.

Yesterday, we were riding down the road and he said “It’s foggy outside. Daddy fick (fix) it.” My husband and I had to explain that daddy can’t fix the fog. I asked him who made the fog and he said “Daddy.” Then we explained to him that everyone’s Daddy made the fog – God.

This morning, I sang Zacchaeus to him while I was brushing his teeth. I’ve sang it before and he hears it at church, but this morning, he actually said the part “Zacchaeus, come down!” and it was delightful. I called my husband and we sang it to his voicemail.

Aren’t children amazing? I have felt in awe of this kid since he was born. You always think the next age won’t be as good as the one you’re in, but each age has it’s own unique traits. Granted, two year old fits aren’t my favorite, but I just love seeing how much he’s learning and how he verbalizes everything. It always leaves me thinking, “What is he going to say or do next?”


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