importance of thank yous

I am a big thank you note writer, thanks to my mom. She taught me from a young age that it’s the right thing to do when someone does something nice or gives you a gift. I’m glad it’s carried over into adulthood. On the down side, it’s made me a stationery junkie and I have a stupidly large collection of colorful ink pens. But, I love them and they make writing thank yous even more fun!

Have you ever gotten a thank you note? Of course you have! They make such a difference in the gifter’s day, I think. I guess some people don’t think about getting thank you notes, but as a note writer, I guess I have come to expect a thank you note. I don’t give or do things to get a thank you, but I do hope the recipient will at least text or verbally acknowledge the gift or action.

I even write thank you notes for gifts given to my son. He’s only 2 at this point, but as soon as he’s able to draw a picture or write, he’ll learn the value of a thank you note. For his birthday gifts, I sent thank you notes of his finger paintings. Everyone seemed to enjoy those unique tokens of appreciation.

Thank you notes don’t have to be elaborate, either. Just be genuine. Simply jot something on a blank notecard or pretty piece of paper that says, “Thanks so much for the ______. It was so thoughtful and caring!” You can then add a personal note of “Congrats on your new grandchild” or “I can’t wait to see you again” or something to that nature. It will be most appreciated.

Most importantly, I’ve found it means more when you actually mail the note through the post office. I think stamps are too darn expensive, but I still think it means more when coming in the mailbox. It’s a lost art if you ask me. Oh, and the quicker you can get the note to the person, the better. Try not to wait too long.

I would love to insert a picture here of my stationery/pen collection, but I don’t have access to them right now. Maybe one day I’ll enlighten you. Until then, keep the graciousness flowing!


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