march is in like a lamb…sort of

pump-88March weather has come in like a lamb (50 degrees and sunny in my neck of the woods) but I feel like a lion kicked my butt after my first day of BodyPump instructor training! I’m actually not as wiped as I feared I would be, but I didn’t give my all in the workouts. I know we have to go back tomorrow for round 2 and I’m 5 months pregnant, so there you go. It was more mentally challenging than I thought it would be, though. Right before I had to get up and teach my track, I felt like crying and saying “I give up! I can’t do this darn choreography stuff!” But, I didn’t do that. All the gals in my group had presented their tracks so well and I couldn’t be a weany. Mine wasn’t nearly as smooth as theirs and I got cues from my “class”, but I made it through and the instructor was impressed that I actually did it without much practice. I focused too much on remembering the choreography that I forgot to cue what we were doing, so I have to work on that tomorrow. I present the biceps track tomorrow, which should be a bit easier than the lunges track today.

All in all, we did the entire BodyPump 88 twice today, plus another hour of technique/form drills and critique. We have to do the entire workout (remember this thing is an HOUR long) twice tomorrow, plus something called a “BodyPump Fitness Challenge”. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the day, but I know it’s only one more day and then I get to be LAZY on Monday!

Today was the biggest challenge I’ve faced in a while and I’m glad I overcame it. It was a confidence boost and I know I’m going to enjoy teaching this class once I get the choreography down pat. After this training, you have 60 days to send in the video you record of yourself teaching the class to see if you are certified. My goal is to do my video by the end of March. I’ll be 24 weeks preggo by then and it’s going to be challenging (um, MUCH more challenging) if I wait much longer.

Let’s get these tired bones to bed!


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