prop 65 warning

dishesI had my eye on these dishes for our new house and I looked at them again today, thinking of buying them. Something caught my eye in the description called “Prop 65 warning.” I had never heard of this, so after some research, I find that something in the dishes has been found to cause cancer or reproductive problems! What the heck?! How can people even sell things like this? I mean, how is it legal? It stated that the consumer can decide if they want to take the risk of purchasing the product, but with all the cancer risk in the world, who wants to tempt fate, ya know?

Needless to say, I will not be purchasing this pretty set. My mom is a potter and I’m going to see if she can make me some square plates like these and I’m going to have her check her glaze and make sure it doesn’t contain a prop 65 warning. Keep your eyes open for warnings like this, folks!




  1. Thanks for the alert!

    It can sometimes be overwhelming, to constantly be checking what’s in the stuff we’re buying. But we do it. We’re especially conscious about food, and anything that is put on the skin/hair (medications work with a skin patch, which means that things we put on our skin get into our bloodstream).

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