a sunday challenge

[I started this post yesterday (Sunday), but didn’t have a chance to finish it, so I’m up at 4 am on Monday wrapping it up.]

Each week, I try to read over the coming Sunday school lesson so I’m prepared. I’m technically a Sunday School teacher for young adults, but we rarely have a class at our small church. Normally, we moms head into the kid’s class to help reign in the toddlers. Either way, we’ve had a great book of lessons in this book. This week’s lesson was about creation and how we can be sure God in fact created everything.

The scripture came from Genesis 1:1-3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 26-27. We had a good discussion during Sunday school class and the following points were brought up:

  • Most of us know creative people. The difference between their creations and God’s are that they create things out of materials that already exist.
  • Some people argue that creation didn’t take place in 6 days – that those “days” were actually longer spans of time. I choose to believe they were actual days that we experience now. If God can raise people from the dead, surely he can create the world in 6 days!
  • There was a “digging deeper” section about the “Image of God” and I’d never thought too much about it before. I always thought humans were created in the physical image of God, but this points out that there are at least 5 ways humans are like God: rational, emotional, spiritual, social, and volitional (ability/need to make choices).
  • The lesson also pointed out again that God created MALE and FEMALE – His plan was for marriages and families between a man and woman.
  • The uniqueness and sanctity of human life was also mentioned since we are created in the image of God.

The title for this post originally came from a command in the Sunday school lesson. It said “Set aside three hours one day this week to reflect on how well you are following God’s purpose for your life and how you might be more faithful.” For some reason, this jumped off the page at me. My initial reaction was “Three hours! Are you kidding me?! Where am I going to find three hours for this?!” God was quick to point out that I do have Mondays off from work and my son normally takes at least a 2 hour nap. Instead of napping too or finding something else to do, I plan to light into this today. It didn’t say spend 3 consecutive hours, so I’m going to try to break it up into parts, starting in a few minutes. My challenge to you is to do the same thing! Doesn’t have to be today, but sometime this week. If you complete the task, let me know!

On another note, I had a different “Sunday challenge” yesterday evening. Our son was happy all morning and went down for a nap in a good mood. He slept for 3 hours and let me tell you, that kid awoke on the wrong side of the bed! He’s rarely grouchy so I was worried that he was sick when he got up and acted ugly like he did. At first, he just seemed in a sleepy fog, but then about 30 minutes after being awake, everything made him upset and angry. I had fixed dinner and had our plates on the table when he decided to walk by and throw his in the floor. I was so mad! I got down to eye level and gave him some speech about how he knew that was wrong and how bad it was of him. Those little two year old eyes were as big as saucers, then his little face contorted and you could see he felt bad about what he did. After he cried a bit, he finally came around and had a big spoon of peanut butter, then he ate some supper. I think he was hungry when he woke up and he just ended up getting grouchy instead of just eating. He ended up fine about an hour after he woke up and went to bed last night a happy kid.

My husband and I rarely experience this behavior from our son, so we talked about it last night while going to bed. I made the comment that some parents experience that on a daily basis. I’m glad he had the same thought as me…”Because they allow their kids to do whatever they want” which is exactly true. Some parents would have spanked and some would have had time out when their kid acted the way ours did yesterday, but I’ve found for us, a talking-to and time for our son to cool off works just as good as anything (at this point). Eventually, we’ll get to the time out thing if we need to, but for now, he respects us and we can avoid it.

The funny part is that I was in a weird mood yesterday, too. I called it cabin/spring fever. I am so ready to get out of the house and do something outdoors! Yesterday was just so cold and windy that it wasn’t enjoyable at all. Today, however, is supposed to be a bit warmer and we’re going to see my dad for a bit since he’s off work for the holiday. We’ll probably spend some time out in the snow during our visit. This week is supposed to warm up into the 50’s so I’m going to try to get out as much as possible.




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