my 5 favorite, go-to workouts

As a personal trainer, you’d think I’d have this mentality for a never-ending library of workouts in my head. Yes, I can get creative and come up with workouts for my classes and personal training clients, but sometimes I just want a workout handed to me. A lot of times, I have to squeeze my workout in when I’m not busy teaching or working one-on-one with folks and I’ve found a few workouts that are my top favorites…especially when I don’t want to have to think too much! All of them were created by someone else, but I’ve found them to be good for me. I’m not suggesting you try them, but if you do, please make sure you’re healthy enough and always warm up and cool down (including stretching).


This one is a new favorite (click the image to read the blog post about this workout). I just did it Friday and my legs are still sore Monday morning. I started following this gal’s blog a few months ago and she always has great workout ideas. She’s an ACE certified personal trainer like me and she throws in moves I normally don’t think about. If you have any questions about the moves, check out for demos. Those elevated heel squats and dead lifts are what got my lower body so sore.

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this workout before, but it’s worth mentioning again. I haven’t done it since I became pregnant, but it did it several times this fall. It’s great if you just have 30 minutes or so and it will get your heart pounding! Keep in mind it’s HIGH INTENSITY so give it your all.



This yoga DVD has been my favorite for a couple of years. It has two 30 minute workouts – the first is Hatha which is mostly stretching – it’s my favorite. The second is Flow and it’s a little more muscle building. I don’t do it nearly as much because I do more weight training, but I really love the Hatha program. I even got my husband to try it with me the other night and he said he could see how yoga could be good for you. It’s easy enough for anyone and he explains it very well.



This is the only Tabata workout I’ve ever attempted and it kicked my butt. Again, I haven’t done this while pregnant, but it was a good workout. I had questions about some of the pilates moves, so I had to look those up, but it was nice to incorporate unfamiliar things.



I blogged about Body for Life a week or so ago and I really believe in their weight training method. I’m sure their cardio method works as well, but I just haven’t been diligent about it. It gives you lists of moves to choose from and you do several sets of reps (12, 10, 8, 6, 12) so you really feel it by the time you’re done.

There’s one last workout that I don’t have on hand and I can’t find online right now. It’s a 20 minute treadmill workout from Fitness Magazine where you do walk hills, do lunges, and run. It’s a great workout that will have you dripping sweat in just 20 minutes.

I have an entire 2 inch binder full of workout ideas at work, so I always have something I can pull out and do. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, Pinterest is a great source for workouts, too. Just make sure the source knows what they’re talking about so you don’t wind up doing something that injures you!





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