exciting times

So, my friend Amy invited my husband, son, and I to join her husband, 15 month old son, her, and her mom to this place called the Great Wolf Lodge. I didn’t know what it was, but after researching, I was stoked and we’ve already made a reservation to stay a night in March! It’s a hotel with indoor water park and I think our kiddo is going to love it. I’d been wanting to take him to something special, but I couldn’t figure out what. I think this will be great.

Then, my boss asked me if I want to be trained as a group exercise instructor for BodyPump, so I said “Yes!” of course. My sister used to take this class at the YMCA and she loved it. She told me I should get certified back last year, but the opportunity has just presented itself, so here I go. I’m not sure how much “pumping” I’ll be able to do with this 16 week pregnant belly (by then it will be about 20 weeks), but we’ll see. I’m sure there are modifications for pregnant women. The plan is to get certified in BodyFlex in April. It’s a mix of Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi. Should be interesting.

We also found out that our brother and sister in law in Colorado are planning a visit in May to come see us. We’ve not seen our husband’s brother in two years come April, so this will be nice. They have two sons and it will be fun for the cousins to all be together for playing.

Yesterday, I got home to find a small piece of digging equipment at our new home site, so the footers are coming soon. I hope they made it out today, because early next week is supposed to be snow, dang it.

Last but not least, I’m ordering blueberry plants from the local cooperative extension. I’m sure I could find them anywhere, but I wanted to support the local program and I’ve been wanting to plant my own fruit bushes/trees for some time now. This will be a start! I got one of each variety: Patriot, Northland, and Blue Crop. We’ll see which does the best. My dad said you need at least 2 different varieties to they can cross pollinate. I’m glad he knows things like that!

Well, let’s finish out this work day in a bit and enjoy the weekend.


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