days like today

I like days like today. Not only for the beautiful, sunny 52 degree temperature, but also the fulfillment I am experiencing. I taught my 6:15 class this morning and we did some water aerobics, which was a nice change of pace. Most of the time, we do a workout in the aerobics room, but we throw water in there every once in a while. I think we’re going to make it a once a month thing now.

After class, I swam my 20 laps and then I had two personal training appointments. One of them was one of my weight loss contest gals and she’s the sweetest thing. She almost died last year from a terrible blod clot and she’s only 30! Either way, we’re taking it slow and easy, but she’s got a good outlook and we have a lot in common. She’s a preacher’s wife, so it’s easy to talk faith and family with her.

It’s pretty windy out, but that makes me think of March and SPRING!!!! March has always been kite month in my mind and I’m longing for the month to be here. I don’t like to wish my life away, but I’m looking forward to things greening up and praying that we are in our new home by then. Plus, it’s my birth month so that’s always good!

One thing that bummed me out is figuring out why we’re getting less back on our taxes. It was about $1000 less than last year and I was stumped until I figured out we didn’t have as much taxes withheld in 2013. I switched jobs and at my old job, I had them withhold extra because we used to end up paying in every year. I think I forgot to do that with this new job. So, even though we actually made less money last year, we’re getting a lot less back. Overall, I’m happy we’re still getting a refund to help with home and new baby expenses.

Speaking of new baby, I am on the fence about whether or not I’m feeling those first flutters. I’m 16 weeks along and I just can’t determine if those are flutters or not. Probably are, but who knows. I go next Tuesday for my one hour glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. I had it the last pregnancy so they are checking earlier this time. I’m figuring I’ll have it, but I can control with diet an exercise.

Well, let’s get outside and enjoy some of this random February weather!



    • I’m flattered. I’ve thought about writing a book, but not about fitness. I’ve had this idea for a memoir type book in my head for years and I’ve talked to my two sisters about helping me write it. We had an interesting childhood and I thought we could all three write from our different perspectives. What do you think about that? I’d love to write a book that would give me extra income or allow me to not have to work on someone else’s schedule anymore! I’m going to check out your blog for some tips. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

      • Memoirs are worth writing.

        We believe in honesty (too many publishers lead writer’s down a not entirely honest path). While writing a book might eventually give you extra income, it’s a difficult and slow way to earn money. The successful writers do it for themselves, for interior motives. They’re seeking self-expression, they want to make a record for future generations; they want to write in order to bring order, clarity; and forgiveness/compassion into their own personal histories; or they want to share an inspiring good story. Well written books, with effective marketing behind them, find readers and give the author some income. But we don’t recommend writing primarily for the money–there are easier ways to make it.

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