grammy’s and “the big game”

My mother in law filled me in on what happened during the Grammy’s the other night. I don’t watch music awards or videos – I really don’t watch much television at all, so I miss these big events. I can’t say I’m sorry that I do.

In case you’re like me and live under a rock, 30 some couples were married on the Grammy’s the other night, many of which were homosexual. I can’t agree with that as a Bible believing Christian.

Then, my mom in law tells me there will be more of this during half time of the big game this Sunday. I looked it up and found an article that states there will be at least one same sex couple getting married during half time. So, this gal won’t be watching ANY of the game. My husband is even contemplating not watching the game at all, and that’s a big deal. He said he definitely won’t watch the half time show, but maybe none of the game at all. I pray that his conviction holds true (he’s a big football fan).

Now, before you label me as a hater of homosexuals, let me assure that is not the case. I am just very convicted by the action. I don’t hate anyone, but I can’t agree with the action or support it in any way. Part of our Sunday school lesson even mentions homosexuality as being wrong in the Bible. Is that a coincidence? I think not.

Christian friends, please consider spreading the word about what’s going to happen and not watching this silly game on TV. If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.


  1. Here’s the thing, though: there’s a ton “law” and practices in the Old Testament that don’t apply to modern life anymore. Are all the people who have to work on the day of rest still supposed to be stoned to death?

    • I don’t believe anyone should be stoned to death – I don’t believe in killing anyone. What I do believe is that I’m convicted that this is immoral in God’s eyes. I’ve heard the arguments about the old testament and we could debate all day about topics of religion. I’m just saying I can’t support programs or companies that promote homosexuality. I don’t wish anyone harm at all. What I do know is that God is unchanging, no matter how much the world changes. Thanks for your challenging comment, though!

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