blue skies and white snow

I wish I had a picture to share with you this morning of how pretty it is here. I don’t have a smart phone and my little dinky camera phone wouldn’t do it justice, so I’ll just have to let you imagine what it must be like.

We ended up getting about 2 inches of snow yesterday and through the night. Normally, I teach a 6:15 AM class on Wednesdays, but I knew no one would be here this morning, so I cancelled and slept in. That felt really good and I didn’t want to get out in the dark cold first thing this morning. At 8 am, it was only 1 degree! My son and I came out and he wanted to play in the snow. I kept coaxing him toward the car and finally about 3 minutes of being outside he realized it was cold! He’s so cute when he says “I cold.” and “Freeze” and “Burr!” We got into the car and I took him to his great granny’s for the morning.

When we got to her house, he started asking for his monkey (his favorite lovey soft thing). I told him I didn’t have it and he demanded “Get.” Then, I realized I didn’t have my phone, so I must have dropped it outside at the house. So, I had to backtrack and go back to the house to get a monkey and a phone. By the time I was finally headed to work, I was a bit agitated, but then I looked up and saw that brilliant blue sky and the bright sun against the newly fallen snow. I had to stop and thank God for the beautiful, blessed day.

Tomorrow is my son’s second birthday. Two years ago today, we were at church and I requested prayer for the baby to come because they were threatening to induce me if he didn’t hurry up and arrive. That night, I had some strange stomach cramp feelings, then that next morning at 4:30 am, I went into labor. God knows what he’s doing, huh? I hope to have time tomorrow to post some of my favorite pictures of my boy and recap the things I’ve learned over the past two years.



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