relaxing monday musings

Ah, Monday. I love to start the week off with a day at home! I’m so glad my schedule has worked out so I have Mondays off each week. I got to have breakfast with my husband and son this morning before the husband headed off to work for the day. My son and I watched some cartoons, played outside for about an hour, and then at leftover spaghetti for lunch. He’s been down for a nap for about an hour which has given me time to plan out the menu for his birthday party this Saturday.

My little fellow is turning 2 on Thursday, so I think we’re going to go for breakfast before I have to go to work. Then, I will have him some cupcakes or something that evening. We are having our immediate family out for a small party on Saturday afternoon. The theme is monkeys since he loves his little monkey lovey blanket so much. I think I’m going to make crock pot chicken and dumplings with some sides. My mom is making his cake and she does a really great job.

I let my son finger paint for the first time this weekend. I know, I’m way behind on this! My sister in law is so good at letting her kiddos do all this creative stuff and I think her eldest son has been finger painting since he was about 6 months old. Either way, I had bought finger paints to give him for his birthday, but we were stir crazy one evening and I broke them out. He had a blast and I did too watching him. I’m going to send his paintings out as thank you notes for his birthday presents. 🙂 We ended up giving him a much needed hair trim while he was painting so that worked out well.


My dad came out yesterday to look at the refrigerator. Less than 2 weeks ago, this local company came out and charged us $260 to defrost the freezer. He said it must be a drain problem. He was a grouch and I don’t know how this man has managed to stay in business this long! Either way, it worked for a week until Thursday when we realized the freezer and fridge were too warm again. Friday night, I took the freezer apart (I’m mechanically minded, I think) and there was frost built up again. I called my dad and he figured it was something to do with the defrost element on the fridge. He came out and determined it’s most likely the defrost timer with his little electricity gadget. Thank goodness for the internet where I found the parts I needed, which should be here by Wednesday. This fridge is an old brand called “Admiral” which I’d never heard of. If this fixes it, I’m sending a letter to the old jack leg fellow and asking for a refund. Oh, and when the freezer defrosted Friday night, the water was in the drain pan under the fridge like it was supposed to be (thus, not a drain problem like old dude diagnosed). Arf! I’m just glad I’m blessed with a dad who can figure these things out. He amazes me because he never even finished high school, but he knows more about building and fixing things than I could ever dream of.

My dad checking out the fridge

My dad checking out the fridge

On a happier note, I went to a women’s conference with my mom on Saturday where she was demonstrating her pottery skills. It was a great event with good food, singing, and wonderful messages. I plan to go next year.

Last week, I blogged about what I had purchased for our house. After I posted that, I ended up buying one more thing, but it was on clearance. 🙂 It was too cute and I thought it would be neat to hang on our front porch this spring in our NEW HOUSE!!! I wanted to post a picture, but they must be all sold out because it won’t show up on their website. I’ll send a picture of it in action soon.

I hope to go to yoga this evening with one of my friends. It’s been a couple months since I attended a yoga class, so it will be nice to get back into that rhythm. My husband was sweet and snapped this pregnancy photo of me last week. It’s not the most flattering, but you can see that I now have a gut. Thankfully, it’s not from beer!

That belly's gonna be big at 40 weeks!

That belly’s gonna be big at 40 weeks!


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