sad story

I heard this story on NPR this morning and it struck a cord with me because I’m 14 weeks pregnant. It’s about a woman who was found unconscious in her home at 14 weeks pregnant and she’s been on life support ever since. She’s now 22 weeks pregnant and the family wants to take her off life support, which would terminate the life of the unborn child as well. The hospital is saying they can’t do it since there are two lives involved. What a terrible situation to be in as the husband and father. Supposedly, the child is terribly deformed and will not have a good chance of survival, but still… I would hate to be faced with this situation or be the woman in the hospital. Even though she’s not here to have her say, I’m sure it would be agonizing.

Read the full story on their website. All we can do is pray for everyone to make the right decision.


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