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Swimming is an important life skill!

Swimming is an important life skill!

I just wrapped up a set of swimming lessons with a lady that’s probably close to 70 years old. When we began, she could do a basic freestyle with her head above water, but her goal was to learn to swim the freestyle correctly. She’s doing very well! We had a total of 11 lessons and she’s getting the hang of freestyle with her face in the water. She still has some work on the rhythm and breathing, but her kick is strong and she keeps her face toward the bottom of the pool. We’ve also worked on a modified breaststroke where she keeps her head above water. Breaststroke can be trick because of the timing. I’m so proud of her and we’ll probably do round 2 of lessons in the near future.

My other swimming students has improved as well. A couple of weeks ago, I timed her swimming a length of the pool and this week, she was 5-8 seconds faster! She hasn’t been practicing swimming as much, but she’s been running more and I think that’s helped her as well. This gal is only 22, but when she began our lessons, she couldn’t swim. At all. We had to strap on a float belt to get her comfortable the first lesson or two, but now she could easily save herself if needed.

I’m not tooting my own horn here. I have no formal training in teaching swimming lessons, but I was taught how to swim nearly 10 years ago so I’ve applied those lessons. Several years ago, I was part of a small masters swimming team here where I work and I learned a lot there as well. I’m just glad I’m able to teach something that I can do. Sometimes, you can DO something, but not teach it at all.

I’m really wanting to focus on muscle strength during this pregnancy and I think I’m going to focus on the Body for Life weight training for at least the month of February. I did this years ago and lost 30 pounds with a changed diet. I’m not trying to lose weight, but I want to gain muscle tone throughout this pregnancy. I don’t want to push for 3 hours this go round! I did the upper body session today and I really like it. I can tell I’m going to be sore tomorrow. During my first pregnancy, I mostly walked and swam and didn’t too much weight lifting, so I’m going a different route this time.

One thing I’d like to throw in there is always stretch when you’re done working out. I learned that lesson at Curves for Women when I worked there years and years ago. They have a great flexibility chart that stretches your entire body and I have them memorized. They are my go-to, no-thinking stretches.



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