my first (bigger) new house purchase!

I’ve had my eye on this entryway bench at Target for a while now and it went on sale, so I bought it! We’re still a few weeks to a month away from move in (I hope no longer than that), but this thing was $35 off and I had a little extra money, so I got it. If I go with that furniture I blogged about, I think it will be a great match. Even if I go with solid brown furniture, it should still work well.

I started to buy it yesterday, but the shipping was going to be about $35, when I saw something about Target’s RedCard. I checked it out and signed up for their debit card. Call me crazy with their recent security breach, but I just feel like it’s not any more risky than anything else you do online. There’s no fees or anything for their card and you get 5% off plus free shipping. Why not do it? It’s not a credit card, but they have that option.

I did buy a little something for our new house back in December. I told myself I wasn’t going to do anything owl, but I saw these and loved them, so I got them at Pier 1.

Salt and pepper shakers

Salt and pepper shakers

Anyhoo, I’m all stoked because I got my bench and got it cheaper than I thought possible. Good thing I like assembling stuff, because I will have to put this bad boy together when it comes.


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