tuesday morning insomnia

Last Tuesday morning, I was up until 3:30 am or so after waking up about 12:30 am. Well, I’m at it again. I got woke up at 1 am by the darn cat meowing to go outside, then it was over. I was awake. I finally got out of bed at 2:30 and got me a bit of Greek yogurt, then created this spin workout for my class this morning…

Spin Class Workout – getting to know you

Warm up

  • 0-4 minutes seated at moderate pace/intensity

  • 4-6 minutes standing, add some gear

Main Set

  • 6-12: Standing jog at high tension. Call out different month every 30 seconds. If your bday is in that month, you get to sit down and reduce gear a little. Must keep standing till birth month is called.

  • 12-14: recovery flat

  • 14-19: Hill climb. Start with lots of tension. Every 60 seconds call out different eye colors (blue, brown, green, hazel, other) – if that’s your color, you can reduce gear by 2 turns and hold it there.

  • 19-21: recovery flat

  • 21-26: Favorites. Go around the room and let each person choose the move for 1 minute (jumps, climb, sprint, etc.).

  • 26-30: Q&A. Ask each question below – if it applies to the person, they have to do jumps for 30 seconds. If not, they rest:

    • 26- Only child

    • 26:30 – Oldest child

    • 27- youngest child

    • 27:30 – middle child

    • 28 – lived in Hillsville more than a year

    • 28:30 – moved here from somewhere else

    • 29 – owns one or more dogs

    • 29:30 – owns one or more cats

  • 30-32: recovery flat

  • 32-35: Music favorites. Ask each type of music – if they like it, they have to sprint for 30 seconds.

    • 32 – country

    • 32:30 – old rock n roll

    • 33 – pop

    • 33:30 – classical

    • 34 – beach music

    • 34:30 – opera

  • 35-36: recovery flat

  • 36-40: Weights. Grab med balls and do one minute of each of the following: tricep extensions, steering wheel turns, diagonal crosses, out and back at chest level

Cool Down

  • 40-45: Reduce tension and slow speed for 2 minutes. Get off bike and stretch for 3 minutes.

Hopefully the class will like it and be entertained. I don’t know how much class I’m going to have because they are calling for snow to start around 8 am and we’re expecting a few inches. I know. Around these parts, everyone freaks out if there’s mention of snow. Too bad my cousin from NC couldn’t stay one more day! She was saying how much she’d like to see snow and she just went home yesterday.

When I was lying in bed, I was thinking about the darn couch for the new house. I love that patterned set I found today, but I wonder if I will get tired of it easily…I don’t plan to get new furniture for many years. I emailed the gal at the furniture store to see if she would send me a picture because I can’t find it online. Maybe if I stare at it and get reader feedback (hint, hint) that will help me make up my mind!

Well, let’s get to bed. Daylight will be here before you know it and I need my beauty sleep! 🙂


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