it’s gone!

I’m so happy! Our old trailer has gone, so now we can actually get the guy out to do the grading so we’re one step closer to getting our new home set up!!! They were supposed to come get it last Monday, but they finally showed up today. This evening, we all posed for our ground breaking picture. That’s something my mom and dad with us when we were little and building our first home. I hope to dig out the picture and add to my blog sometime soon.


My husband and I snuck off for a quick date today, too. We needed to celebrate a bit and it’s been a while since we got away for just us time. We ate a good lunch at Chili’s and then checked out some living room furniture. I was originally looking for a sectional, but I found this neat striped couch with matching armchair that I really like. I didn’t get a picture, so I’m going to have to go back soon and do that.

Overall, it was a great day. I even got a nature walk in and it really cleared my head and got my heart rate up. I hope the rest of the week stays on track with this day!


Bye bye old trailer!




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