the alien turtle


Our 13 week alien turtle

My husband said it looked like an alien. My 2 year old said it looks like a turtle. It’s really our upcoming July arrival at 13 weeks in the womb (head on the right). I got to see it moving around today – 2 little legs and 2 little arms. It made me want to cry because I feel so blessed. I took a minute and thanked God for this healthy little life I’m carrying with me.

I’m glad I had the blessing of seeing this unborn child in my womb today because it’s been a frustrating one otherwise. They were supposed to come move our old trailer away so we can get ready for our new home, but they decided not to come today…on a whim. It royally ticked me off. There have been some other mishaps/aggravations today, but getting to see the ultrasound made the day seem much better.

When I got home, I got to get our son up from his nap and he wanted to be snuggled for a few minutes. I got him a little spin brush for kids since he detests having his teeth brushed for some odd reason. He liked it ok. I told him we’d “tickle his teeth” and I had to bribe him with his gummy vitamin. Kids are darn smart, let me tell you. I’m just hoping he starts liking brushing his teeth soon!

Well, let’s go spend some quality time with my boys. It’s not often that we’re here together on a Monday, so I better make the most of it!


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