i’m glad i know / i wish i knew

I was thinking this morning about how glad I am to know how to swim. That led me to think about other things I’m glad I know and then things I wish I knew. So, here’s [part of] my list. What’s on yours?

I’m glad I know…

  • how to swim
  • the importance of a smile
  • to write thank you notes
  • how to love
  • how to be loved
  • being optimistic is so much better than pessimistic
  • how to cook
  • how to play
  • the importance of exercising
  • how to take a good photo
  • that I’m going to heaven when I die
  • how to ride a bike
  • that I’m never lost as long as I have gas in my tank

I wish I knew…

  • how to play the banjo and piano
  • anatomy better
  • how to knit or crochet
  • more about geography
  • more vocabulary
  • how to make the refrigerator colder
  • how to teach kickboxing and step classes
  • Johnny Depp (ha ha ha!)

I’m sure I could add tons to this list, but I have to prepare to teach a lifeguard in service to my co-workers tomorrow…at 7 am…on a Saturday! Yuck! Oh, well. It’s only once a year, so that’s not too bad. I just know that bed is going to be cozy in the morning. 🙂

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