weekend away

I spent the weekend away in the city…Chesapeake, VA to be exact. I found out about a personal training seminar that would earn me some continuing education credits, so I thought I’d go to that and see some family at the same time. My mom, son, and great aunt took the trip with me. We had really good travels and talked a lot all the way there and back (about 6 hours each way). My almost 2 year old son even talked a lot! He said lots of new words like blue jeans, Virginia Beach, and more. It’s amazing how fast he’s picking up on things. His new favorite word is “Help!” It’s too cute.

I like visiting the city, but I can’t imagine living there. I live in a very rural area and love it. There just seems to be so much hustle and bustle in the city and all the kids have their technology gadgets. But, I guess that happens everywhere, not just in the city.

I learned a lot in my seminar, but still have a lot to practice. We learned how to analyze people’s postures and how to correct imbalances through stretching and exercise. The guy teaching was very knowledgeable and explained things really well.

What did I happen to run across while I was at the beach? A Trader Joe’s! I was so excited. We have to travel an hour to get to Trader Joe’s from my house, so I had to make a quick pass and pick up goodies and Christmas gifts.

My son and I contracted a pesky cold from my husband. Thankfully, we felt good until yesterday when we had to come home. It was so nice to sleep in my own bed again!

I had eaten so much take out food this weekend that I HAD to cook last night, even though I was tired. I found this recipe online for Orzo with Roasted Vegetables and modified it. My veggies were sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, onions, and garlic. I used her dressing recipe, but I got a little heavy with the pepper. It was yummy! I’m going to have leftovers for lunch.



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