toddler talk

My son finally did it yesterday! He looked at me, arms wide open, and exclaimed, “Mommy!” He has been refusing to say any form of “mom” directed at me since he could talk. He knew it was driving me bonkers, I guess. He’ll say daddy, MeMe, granny, pa, Gail (his aunt) and more, but not mom. I was tickled to death! I picked him up and gave him a big hug and kiss. It was such a wonderful moment.

I think he’s really getting a grip on what a family is. He’s 22 months old now (I promise to stop with the months when he turns two) and he recognizes mommy and daddy. He likes babies too, thankfully, since we’ll be adding the second child in July.

It’s amazing to hear him talk and watch him learn. The other day, we pulled up in front of the Mexican restaurant for dinner. He spouted out “Eat!” and then “Dip!”. It was so funny. He rambles off words like boots, hat, towel, cow, tree, dark… I love to hear him talk.


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