i’m expecting!

“Expecting what?” you ask. Why, another baby, of course! 🙂 I found out for sure on Monday when I went to the doctor for a pregnancy test, but I pretty much knew a week or two ago. We’re due July 16 and I’m about 7 weeks along. I hope this pregnancy goes as smoothly as my first one did. I wasn’t sick at all and the only complication I had was gestational diabetes, but I controlled that through diet and exercise.

So, we’re excited about adding another child to our family. Our son will be about 2.5 years old when this new baby arrives and I hope it’s not too hard for him to adapt. He’s the only grandchild on either side of the family that lives close to his grandparents, so he’s used to getting all the attention. But, I’m sure he’ll do just fine. Or, that’s what I’ll keep telling myself!

I made our son a shirt to wear on Thanksgiving to announce our news. My husband wanted me to put “BIG BRO 2 BE” but I didn’t have enough “Bs” for that. So, it ended up being “LIL BRO OR SIS IN JULY”. It went over well.

I feel like a bum this week, though! I’ve eaten well and not exercised very much. I was working out of town a couple of days taking a lifeguard instructor class, so I didn’t make time to workout. This week, I gotta get back at it big time. Thankfully, I’m teaching spin on Tuesday morning, so I just have to figure out workouts for Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll be out of town this weekend with my mom and son visiting some family, so I’m not sure how much exercise I will get then. I’m glad I’ve found some workouts I can do in my yard or in the house. It’s nice and sunny and warm today (maybe 50?) so I jogged/walked around our field then did some lunges, squats, triceps dips, push ups, planks, etc. I feel much better after the fresh air and exertion!

Maybe I can get back to blogging regularly. The holidays are a hard time to find time, eh?!

My son playing on Thanksgiving Day in his big bro shirt.

My son playing on Thanksgiving Day in his big bro shirt.



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