sentimental father & son moment

Last night, I was a little tired and not too patient. Do I hear any “amens” from toddler parents out there? Anyway, I’ve been having a time getting my almost-2-year-old to pick up his blocks. He loves to dump them out and always promises me he will pick them up, but it’s an act of congress to get to follow through. We haven’t started time out yet (I see it our very near future), so I was just saying “Come here and help me pick up these blocks.” I think my husband could sense my frustration, so being the wonderful man that he is, he took over.

He got our son to come sit with him in the block pile, then he took my son’s little hand in his and they played a game where they picked up blocks with both of their hands. It was really good and our son got to giggling about it. Then, he started picking up his blocks all by himself. Ain’t that sweet? We clapped and made a big deal over each block he dropped into the bag.

I don’t give my husband enough credit – as a husband or father – a lot of times. I think sometimes if I just step back, he’ll step in and take over, which is nice. One time, a wise woman (and blog reader) told me that the mom will always do more than the dad. I find this is true. It’s not a bad thing, but it is true. I think as moms, we step in and take over for some reason, when the dads would do a little more if we just let them.

I thanked my husband this week for helping with our son, keeping our house clean (he keeps it spotless!), and working to provide for our family. He has a job in corrections that I would never want and he commutes about 90 minutes each day he works. That’s not easy and I really appreciate him.

Have you thanked your man lately?


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