bird watching

I love birds. I remember being little and my grandma Reba feeding the birds. She would point out different feathered friends and tell us kids what they were. I guess I get my appreciation of birdies from her.

The other day, I went outside to get something out of my car and these birds were eating the berries out of our Bradford Pear trees. I just stood and watched in amazement because they were only a few feet from me. Some would stop and cock their head, giving me a questioning look, but some continued to eat their berries without noticing me. They would fly from the pear tree to the tall poplar trees and all you would hear was the beating of their wings. It was pretty magical.

I went inside to get my camera so I could get some photos or videos, but they were gone when I came back. To my pleasant surprise, they were back when I brought my son out to go to work. We stood and watched the birds and he seemed to enjoy it, too.

Yesterday, we took a stroll and I picked up pine cones. This weekend, we’re going to make old fashioned peanut butter, bird seed pine cone feeders. Won’t that be fun?!

They were Cedar Waxwings. Photo compliments of

They were Cedar Waxwings. Photo compliments of


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