two empty bottles…

…of water, that is. A few weeks ago, I discovered that I was drinking my one bottle of water pretty quickly and then I found myself buying Diet Dr. Pepper or some other drink. So, I had a genius moment where I realized if I just bring TWO bottles of water to work, then I won’t be tempted to get something else when I run out of water. It’s working so far! I’ve drank 2 quarts today and there are still hours left. I finished off one bottle in spin class this morning – we were all dripping sweat after those hill climbs!

I used to bring a gallon jug of water to work and refill my cup when it got empty. That’s something I could pick back up. I have really good well water – I’m not a city water drinker. Yuck! Plus, I try to refill my plastic water bottles so I’m not ruining the environment.

What’s your trick for drinking water?



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