decorating the new house

I had some time to kill the other day, so I started scoping out furniture and rugs. I wanted to share with you some of the things I liked and see what YOU think…

110613145244_01I like this couch…it was so soft and you kind of sink into once you sit in it. The outside of it is a dark brown, so it’s contrasting. However, we’re really leaning toward a sectional with recliners on both ends, which leads me to this one…

110613145556_01This is a Catnapper sectional. I like the color and the softness of the fabric, and it reclines on both ends. It’s a smaller piece that I think would work well in our new living room. In a way, I’d like a couch with a design or bright colors, but I have to think about how versatile it will be down the road. If I had something more funky, I’d probably have to slipcover it in the future.

110613145852_01I love this rug! It has pretty colors and I like that natural design.

110613150331_01They had this rug in many pretty colors. It’s high pile and very soft. This one is a pretty aqua color, but you can’t tell it from my dinky cell phone picture.

110613150402_01This one is not something I’m interested in putting in our house, but I thought it was very creative. Who would have thunk to use blue jean pockets and make a rug? That had to be cheap for materials, eh?

20131101_163423This last picture is of my mom and me from our outing Friday night. For some reason, I look half stoned, but I wasn’t. One thing I noticed was that I feel like I actually look my age (31). Folks normally think I am younger than that, but I feel like I look my age. I don’t consider that a bad thing, though. Everyone says mom and I look very much alike and we really do. Especially when she takes those glasses off.

One day soon, I may blog about my IKEA picks so far. I have a big old list saved in my account and I’m so excited about making a trip to Charlotte, NC which is the closest location for me. That probably won’t happen until January when it’s almost time to move in, but I can still dream until then! 🙂


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