my friend’s cabin & yoga

My friend recently bought a cabin to start renting out as a vacation property. She redecorated the entire inside and invited me out to see it yesterday (actually, I invited myself). I couldn’t help but to peek at her listing and look at pictures on Tuesday, so I was excited before I got there. The pictures don’t do it justice! It’s so beautifully decorated and well thought out. Here are some of my favorite things…

cabin3The pink couch came from IKEA and folds out to a bed – very cool. Those curtains came from IKEA too and she tied knots in them. I loved them.

cabin2The woman is SO creative! She took this old dresser and painted it, then covered the front of the drawers with different craft papers. She’s been doing stuff like that for years.

cabin1Those bright red chairs overlook the relaxing stream. I’d love to sit there with that fire pit at night.

coffeeShe thinks I’m crazy, but one of my favorite parts of the house was this coffee maker she got from target. I LOVE IT!!! I’m going to get one for our new house. Not sure in what color, but we’re getting one of these.

We did yoga in the living room of the cabin and I’m sore today! My triceps especially. She said she wants to pimp me out for personal training sessions to her guests that come to stay at the cabin. Woo hoo! After that, we went to our favorite pizza place and split a pie with jalapenos, fresh tomatoes, and garlic. Yum! I was starved by that point.

It’s nice to spend time with Tonya. She’s the gal I blogged about not too long ago that has those creative tooth fairy pillows for sale. We’ve been friends for nearly 10 years and I feel we’re kindred spirits. I appreciate her even more now since she won her battle with breast cancer a couple of years ago. I’m going to steal some of her ideas for our new house. 🙂








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