core workout, owl note cards, and yummy quiche!

I have a personal training client who hurt her finger and couldn’t put any weight on her hands, so it challenged me to come up with a workout she could do. Thankfully, a buddy of mine had emailed me a bunch of workouts, so I took pieces and parts of that and came up with this. We did it in my 6:15 class this morning and then my client seemed to like it at 7:30 this morning.

Core & Legs Pyramid

Perform each exercise for 15 seconds first round (3 mins total), 30 seconds second round (6 mins total), 45 seconds third round (9 mins total), 30 seconds fourth round (6 mins total), 15 seconds fifth round (3 mins total). Rest between each round for 30-45 seconds.

  1. plank on elbows
  2. crunches
  3. flutter kicks
  4. bicycle crunches
  5. left arm to left toe crunches
  6. right arm to right toe crunches
  7. left side plank
  8. right side plank
  9. left side lying leg raise
  10. right side lying leg raise
  11. reverse crunches
  12. squats
  13. alternating lunges

We actually ran out of time and didn’t get to do the last round, so give yourself at least 45 minutes. I’m wondering how sore I will be tomorrow!

On another note, my California sister sent me the cutest box of notecards. She wrapped them in pretty wrapping paper and used owl duck tape which was really cool. When I visited my other sister in Tennessee, she gave me a neat box of bicycle notecards. I love sending notes to folks, so those were great gifts for me!



On another note, I made some good quiche last night for dinner. I sauteed up some sausage I got from the natural farm first then set it aside. Then, I added sliced mushrooms, chopped onions, frozen spinach, and frozen corn to a pan with a little olive oil and cooked those up. In another bowl, I beat 5 eggs and about a cup of milk with a pinch of nutmeg, then stirred in grated sharp cheddar cheese. I added the sausage and veggies to the eggs, mixed em up and poured into deep dish frozen pie crusts. Baked for about 30 minutes and yum! Good dinner and had left overs for breakfast. 🙂

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