the silent blogger

Where have I been all weekend? It sure was a busy one, but nice.

Started off Friday evening with a trip to see a Pentecostal evangelist by the name of Beth Stephens. She was am amazing speaker with a very good message. She spoke on Moses’ mother Jochebed and what a Godly woman she was. In case you didn’t know, Jochebed was a slave of Pharaoh and she gave birth to Moses when Pharaoh had ordered that all male babies be killed upon birth. She hid Moses for 3 months, then built an arc for him and put him in the river. Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses in the river, but Jochebed ended up being part of his raising for a while. Either way, eventually Moses lead God’s people out of slavery. Very good story, especially the way she presented it. And, I had never known Moses’ mother’s name until hearing her speak.

I also helped with a benefit dinner this weekend a bit. A lady I go to church with has a brother that’s been ill and racked up medical bills. I’m not sure how much money was raised at the meal, but from the crowd it looked successful.

Saturday was the day I had to go pick up our turkey and some more chickens from the natural farm in a neighboring county as well.

Then, yesterday, my husband and I spent time ordering our new house! It was exciting and hopefully we’ll be in our new home by February. Keep your fingers crossed.

So, out of my weekend of silence comes lots of things to share. I got some pictures of a pretty buck deer on Saturday (opening day for muzzle loading season around here). I’ll post it soon. One thing I didn’t do all weekend was workout, but I’m making up for it this week!

What did YOU do this weekend?


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