my beautiful boy

My little blessing pulling his wagon

My little blessing pulling his wagon

I was emailing a picture of our son to a friend and I stopped to take a minute to look at it. Just thinking of how beautiful my baby boy brings me to tears. I’m probably bias as a mom, but I just think he’s the most wonderful thing (besides Jesus – wink) to walk this earth.

He’s got this blond hair that’s still a mystery where it came from. My husband and I both had lighter hair when we were young, but not that “toe head” that everyone remarks about. His pretty blue eyes and “Casper the Ghost” grin complete his charming appearance.

More than just his wrapping paper, he’s got a good spirit. In that scripture Beth Stephens preached on the other day, it mentioned Moses being a “goodly child” and that’s how I feel about my son. He’s not perfect and I’m definitely not comparing him to Moses, but in my heart, I feel like this kid is going to make a difference in this world. My prayer is that I will help guide him in the way of the Lord so he is happy, caring, and thoughtful of others.



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