halloween “boo”tcamp class

Today’s 6:15 class inspiration came from Bootcamp Ideas. I was supposed to use pumpkins, but I failed to get any, so we used medicine balls instead. I’d never had this class partner up before, but it worked very well. We had an odd number of participants, so I had to workout too! Here’s what we did.

Warm Up – walked 4 laps around gym, stopping at the end of each lap to do one set of 20 exercises (lunges, squats, jumping jacks)

30 second splits – one partner does 30 seconds of each exercise while the other walks/jogs to the end of the gym and back

  • push ups
  • squat with overhead press (med. ball)
  • crunches holding ball
  • mountain climbers
  • Rest 1 minute, then repeat twice

Circuit – complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes. One partner works while the other rests.

  • alternating lunges with med. ball overhead press (20 reps)
  • calf raises with overhead press (20 reps)
  • triceps extensions (20 reps)

Walk 2 laps to cool down and stretch. Complete workout took about 45 minutes and the ladies really seemed to enjoy themselves. We burned off our Halloween treat calories before consuming them!


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