dreamin’ of home ownership

So, we’re on our way to owning a home a bit more quickly than what I had expected. We were thinking spring, but looks like we might be in by the first of the year! It’s exciting to think about something “new” and a bit intimidating to think of all the little expenses that will add up. I’m sure we’ll do just fine. Thankfully, we’re going to be able to live in the house across the road at no charge while our old house is being moved away and the new one is being set up.

You don’t realize how cluttered your living space is until you take pictures of it. We’re trading our single wide mobile home for a double wide (on a foundation) and I had to take pictures to send to the mobile home folks. I was looking at the pictures and thinking “we have a lot of junk!” I have some weeding out to do.

It’s been a good Monday off from work. I took my son to the indoor pool first thing this morning – we hadn’t been in weeks. We swam, then we had to go get his flu shot. I was going to get mine, but I’ve been sick since last week and still don’t feel 100%, so I will wait til later this week. Then, we had a breakfast treat at Hardee’s and got groceries. He had a good nap and I wanted to nap as well, but the neighbor decided to shoot his big, loud gun. That’s what we get for living in a rural area during hunting season.

I’m going to make one last batch of apple butter so I should have several jars to give away as gifts this year. I also have to figure out how to make a Shrek and Fiona costume for Halloween. My son is going as a donkey, so my husband thought it would be cool if we were his counter parts. Let’s see if I can whip something up between now and then…

An inspiration...

An inspiration…



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