beating the boredom swim workout

My new suit is something like this minus the ruffles.

My new suit is something like this minus the ruffles.    Too bad that ain’t me wearin’ it! 🙂

I get tired of swimming just laps, so this morning I mixed it up. I wore my new pink bathing suit (got lots of compliments on it) and did the following workout:

  • Swam 4 laps (200 yards) freestyle at moderate pace
  • 2 laps tombstone kick (hold the kick board vertical in the water adding more resistance)
  • Swam 4 laps back stroke at moderate pace
  • 1 minute washboard followed by 1 lap water taxi
  • Swam 2 laps freestyle (faster), then 25 yards butterfly, 25 yards freestyle (repeat once)
  • 20 deck dips (10 each leg) followed by 90 seconds vertical breast stroke
  • Swam 2 laps breast stroke followed by 2 laps freestyle
  • Stretched

By the way, I contracted my son’s cold so yesterday I felt pretty crummy. Today I’m feeling better with just a nagging sore throat and snotty nose. Gotta love fall and winter, eh?

One of my personal training clients just came to my office to tell me she’s super sore from our workout yesterday. Yippee! Mission accomplished.

Well, let’s get ready for a busy day. I have 3 personal training appointments coming up and life guarding the 4th graders again. Keeps me busy!


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