front yard workout

I’m at home with a sick kid today. Thankfully, it’s just a sneeze and runny nose with low fever. We went to a birthday party Friday night and my son kidnapped another kid’s sippy cup. Before I noticed what was going on, he was drinking out of the kid’s cup. Said kid had an awful runny nose, so I’m thinking that’s where it came from. And I was just bragging on how healthy my son has been all year. He had RSV back in January but has been feeling fine since. I should have known better, huh?!

And my phone isn’t working today for some stupid reason. I am on the Straight Talk plan and it normally works fine, but this morning, I’ve only been able to text my husband. He ended up calling my work for me to tell them I wasn’t coming in today. Doesn’t that sound like a cop out?

Yesterday was a good day off (my normal day off during the week). I took my son and had lunch with a friend. She gave him lots of Halloween treats (books and toys) and even bought me a pretty new bowl for my kitchen. She knows we’re getting ready to dive into the house thing and she wanted me to have something new. It was very sweet. The bowl is glass, but it’s painted with something in teal and gold. Very pretty.

I did a quick workout in my yard yesterday evening since my other friend couldn’t go for a bike ride. This is what I did in maybe 20 minutes….

  • Walked to mailbox to warm up (I had letters to mail)
  • Ran from the swing set to the gate and back twice (I estimate 50-75 yards)
  • 20 squats
  • Repeated the run
  • 10 jumping squats followed by 20 alternating lunges
  • Repeated run
  • 20 bench dips
  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 20 modified push ups (I can only do the girly ones well)
  • Repeated run
  • 20 crunches followed by 10 reach crunches on each side (at this point, the dogs were all over me trying to get some love!)
  • ran around house 5 times
  • one minute plank
  • Walked to in-laws house to pick up son and stretched

My left hamstring is sore this morning, but it’s probably because I was a lazy bum most of the weekend. Plus, my shoes are worn out and the ground was uneven. I normally workout on the wooden floor. I have ordered new shoes that will be here soon. My favorite Sauconys are years old, so I have a new pair coming. I hope they are just as comfy!


My new shoes are on their way!


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