women’s shapes, dha, and intellegence (and a leaf collection)

Someone left a copy of “Psychology Today” magazine at the gym where I work and I read about 75% of it (most of the time, I look at the images and skim the content). The entire magazine was very interesting, especially this one article about the shape of a woman (figure, not health).  Some of the interesting information I gathered from this article included:

  • Most of the DHA in a mother’s breast milk comes what she has stored over the years in her lower body fat (hips, thighs, etc.)
  • The first child gets the most DHA from the mother which is why first born children tend to be more intelligent than their siblings.
  • Curvier women have more DHA  stored in their body fat which tends to lead to the women and her children being smarter
  • American women generally have less DHA in their bodies than other countries because of our increased consumption of Omega-6 fat instead of omega-3 fats.
    • Get this: “feeding farm animals corn instead of allowing them to graze on their natural diet of grass also increases omega-6 while reducing omega-3 in meat, milk products, and eggs.” Yet another reason to eat NATURAL or ORGANIC meats and dairy products. (I am getting 3 more chickens and a turkey from the local farm soon so I’m really trying hard!)

I never had put that much thought into DHA before. I saw it on the organic milk carton, but didn’t really think it mattered that much. The article also mentioned how important it is for children to have a lot of DHA in their first two years of life due to rapid growth of their brains.

Some other neat info I picked up from the magazine:

  • More folks worked together to complete a puzzle when they were only given chairs rather than a table (the folks with a table didn’t work together at all!)
  • To be more creative, stand and don’t sit.
  • There’s a syndrome that affects kids called PANS (Pediatric acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) where kids wake up one morning with anxiety, emotional meltdowns and more. There can also be an onset of OCD following a case of strep throat. Isn’t that crazy?!

On another note, I took a nature walk today. My son is spending the night with his great aunt and my husband was piddling around the house, so I took off with one of my dogs and my cat. We had a nice little stroll and I took some pictures. The photos don’t do justice for the beautiful scenery, but I thought you might enjoy some of my “leaf collection” (remember those projects from elementary school?).


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