back in va

I haven’t been online in four solid days and it felt great! My dad, son, and I took a trip to Tennessee to see my sister’s new home and visit her for a few days. It was a great trip with beautiful weather and uneventful travel. Well, almost uneventful. I did do something very silly only about 2 hours away from home on our way out.

We had stopped at a gas station to fill up, clean my windshield, and put air in my tires. I sat my wallet up on my car while trying to chase around my son. Then, we drove to a nearby bathing suit store I’d been so excited about. I found some great suits at wonderful prices, then when I went to pay for them, I realized I didn’t have my wallet! I had left it on my car and driven away! We back tracked and thankfully dad found it laying in the ditch near the gas station. All of my cards and money had come out, but he was able to collect all but $20. I was so thankful! We got back on the road and the rest of the trip was “uneventful”.

My sister has a lovely home in TN and seems to be enjoying her job as well. She only moved away in February, so it’s been an adjustment not having her near. Thankfully, she’ll be home for the holidays this year.

Enjoy some pictures from our weekend getaway.


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