the value of a home

We just received our personal property tax statements from the county in which we reside. I thought it was funny that our home (1987 single wide mobile home) has the least amount of taxes and is assessed at the lowest value out of our two vehicles and 4-wheeler. I feel like our home is worth so much more than our vehicles, but I guess that’s why it’s a “home” and not a “house”.

On that same note, I was sitting in our yard last night looking at this tin can we’ve lived in for 10 years. It holds a special place in my heart and I will be sad to separate from it next year when we put something new in it’s place (a modular or double wide). My mom painted my son’s room before he was born with a tree and owls and my mother-in-law and husband painted those same walls the warm yellow and green as the back drop. There are so many memories in this place that it will hurt to see it leave. I hope the next owners love it as much as we have.

The tree my son's MeMe painted for his room

The tree my son’s MeMe painted for his room


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