good, lazy monday

Monday is my day off during the week and it seems like most of the time, I find something to do. It was hard for me to make myself stay at home today and not “do” anything or go anywhere. I find myself getting in a routine of thinking I have to go somewhere, even if it’s to the grocery store or something. So, my son and I have spent the entire day together enjoying this cool, fall day. I even took a good nap! I feel guilty about that now that I have a child, but then I think “You’ve earned it, girl.” 🙂

I recently read a blog post about not needing to live at a frantic pace. If you find yourself overwhelmed or without much time, you should check it out. Granted, my situation is different than a lot of folks – I have a husband who insists on cleaning, so that lessens my load quite a bit. But it got me to thinking, why can’t more husbands do like mine does? Both of us work, so if I stayed at home, I would feel like taking more of the load, but he does so much. That lets me have more free time and it lends to a happier marriage, I think.

Well, let’s go feed this meowing cat…one of the hardest things I plan to do all day!

Our big, black cat Shady

Our big, black cat Shady


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